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Various parameters of our company’s equipment

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Various parameters of our company’s equipment



Equipment models

Our equipment is categorized into different models according to waste treatment capacity, such as 3 tons, 5 tons, and 10 tons. If capacity of below 500 tons is required, 10 ton equipment can be connected in parallel. And we will supply the graphic design drawings.

Our company’s small-scale household waste self-pyrolysis process flow chart


Applicable places for the equipment of our company

Our equipment is suitable for remote towns, villages, islands, scenic spots, highway service areas, airports, prisons, troops, large-scale projects, geological exploration teams and other places where domestic garbage is easy to be generated, where transportation cost is high, where it’s difficult to build large-scale incineration plants and where the daily output of the domestic garbage is less than 500 tons. It also suits to make industrial waste (except dangerous waste) harmless to achieve local and decentralized reduction waste disposal.

Daily capacity for waste treatment: from 3 tons to below 500 tons. Graphic design drawings can be provided according to the different tonnage and the requirements of different clients. 

Specialty of our equipment

1. It is the first domestic waste treatment equipment in the world that doesn’t need energy.

2. Simple operation: Ordinary workers can manage it.

3. Safe and reliable: The temperature, the pressure and the anti-corrosion of the equipment are all properly and safely designed.

4. Local reduction of waste: Our equipment is suitable for remote towns and villages. It is a new force in the rural revitalization strategy.

5. Smokeless and odorless: It effectively resolves social conflicts.

6. 100%recycled resources: Garbage becomes 100% useful resources.

7. High intelligence: It helps to lay a good foundation for future equipment upgrading.